In 350 decare irragable lands, harvesting especially forage plants, wheat, corn, sunflower as policulture agriculture. Irrigation canals and 2 deep wells are opened for irrigating lands and landscape areas and also drainage canals for some areas. Land levelling is done by ourselves in our organisatin, it is a model for farmers in our region.

In horticultural crops area, harvesting citrus in 25 da, pomagranate in 9.5 da, mixed fruit in 4 da and olive in 45 da.


In dairy farm with 60 cows, in automation ways, breeding and milking is carried out in slico, automatically manure cleaning, seperating to liquid and juice bay manure seperator and distributing to environment by pump unit in ecocredental ways.

Quality of milk that we produce is better than avarage of our country owing to efficient herd. Holding up as a model, many farmers constituted enterprises.


In machine and wokshop department, carrying out agricultural tools and machines' maintance and repair, also prepearing them for in-service trainings. Having tractors with varying power and brands, also tillage machines, harvesting machinery, etc. Besides, organisation's transportation is being provided by this department.

Hangars and garages are for machines, tools and vehicles. also maintanance and repair shop, welding shop, carpenter shop and electrical shop with utensils, workbenchs are there for maintanance and repair for motor vehicles, tools and machines, buildings by technical staff.


In 28.08.1981 in accordance with the law 17442 and as per article 6, a rescript has issued about test and control forsales on account of agricultural mechanisation vehicles to encourge for production mechanisation vehicles. In accordance with this escript, report about agricultural mechanisation vehicles has to be recieved after controls by organisations that the authority was given by Ministry. For this reason, in the financial year of 1982, with allowance, a test building construction was started and in 1983 it was finished. Measuring instruments have been supplied by domestically. Agricultural mechanisation vehicles and manure are tested by our test centre. In 2001 a tractor with 95 BE, in 2002 a crane with 5 tones and electrical remote control for movement and a bascule with 5 tones hanged to this crane were bought for testing agricultural tools and machines more efficiently.


Didim Farmer Training Centre is related to our organisation has 20 apart buildings, confarance hall with 100 people. Also apart buildings have 2 rooms, bathroom, kitchen with tools, refrigerator and air conditioner.