Training Programs


In 720 da lands, 350 da agriculture fields, harvesting twice per a year. Within 85 da fruit garden (olive, pomagranate, citrus, etc.), 60 cows in our dairy farm, irrigation training area, etc., agricultural mechanisation, irrigation and agricultural production techniques and trainings which have to be given with implementation, Söke TAYEM has experienced staff for trainings.

Our organisation has been giving all in-service trainings to Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry staff. The trainings which are given to Engineers, Veterinarians, Agriculture Technicians, Veterinarian Health Technicians are in the below:

-Agricultural Mechanisation


-Agricultural Production

-Progressing Capacity

1-Agricultural Mechanisation

  • Basic Training of Agricultural Tools and Machines
  • Plant Conservation Machines and Calibration
  • Renewable Energy
  • No-till Farming  Techniques
  • Trainings of Combine Harvester Controller
  • Mechanisation of Harvesting Forage Crops
  • Training of Milk Hygiene and Milking Machines
  •  Trainings of Cotton Harvest Machine Controller


  • Basic Trainings of Irrigation Trainers
  • Projecting Irrigation Systems

3-Agricultural Production

  • Plant Nutrition
  • Trainings of Cattle Raisers' Trainers

4-Progressing Capacity

  • Presentation Methods
  • Agricultural Extension and Comminication Techniques
  • Problem Solving Techniques and Moderation
  • Preperation of Dissemination Programmes
  • Basic Trainings of Information Technologies 


Parellel to technological developments, we give courses to farmers for informing about innovations and developments in agriculture. According to demands from farmers, we give courses such as mechanisation and production techniques:

  • Trainings of Cotton Harvester Machine Operator
  • Trainings of Pea Harvester Machine Operator
  • Trainings of Self-Propelled  Forage Harvester Operator
  • Pressurised Irrigation Systems
  • Efficient and Productive Irrigation Systems
  • Pruning-Fertilising-Disease and Pests in Citrus
  • Pruning-Fertilising-Disease and Pests in Olive
  • Harvesting Cotton
  • Breeding Dairy Cows
  • Milk Hygiene