About Us

Söke Training Centre (TAYEM) is a training centre which exists with the structure of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Ankara UTEM and Adana TAYEM are the other training centres in Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

Söke Training Centre  began to give formal training as Agricultural Vocational High School in 1970. At least in 2005, while serving as Agricultural Technical High School, resulst of transferring schools which are related to the other ministries to Ministry of Education, education was ended. So Agricultural Technical High School was closed down after Council of Minister's Decision in 04.07.2005 and  in accordance with law of 2005/9139. Since then has continued as Directorate of Agricultural Production Enterprise, Agricultural Extension and In-Service Training Centre.

Besides formal training, in-service and formal trainings have been carrying out since 1975. In 1975 resullt of Council of Minister's Decision in 24.01.1975 and in accordance with law of 9/97375, at frame-work of cooperation between Turkey and Germany, the project named 'Machine Staff  Training Centre Project' has get off the ground. As a part of this project, tractors, vehicles and tools were obtained from abroad for agriculture machine training and training courses were supplied for technical staff.

Within this framework,

  1. 1979-1983 : Cropland Agriculture Mechanisation Project had been carried out. Within this period, as a result of bringing technologies, agricultural tools and machines to our country for dedicating to Turkey's agriculture, inspired the agriculture tools and machine manufacturers for developing new ones especially which are essential in our region.
  2. 1983-1984 : Mechanisation of Livestock Project was carried out. Within the scope of this project, Dairy Farming Enterprise was built with 50 cows by latest technologies, with this aspect it was a guide for farmers wanted to build modern dairy farming enterprises.
  3. Hence 1994, for implementation in Söke and Adana, within technical cooperation between Turkey and Germany, 'Agricultural Mechanisation Training Centre Project in the Fields of Irrigating Agricultural Lands'has been carried into effect. Within this project, 'Basic Trainings of Irrigation Trainers and Irrigation Methods Course' has ben taken in Söke and Adana. Also as a result of drought between 2007-2008, Ministry directed the farmers to use pressurised and dropped irrigation methods. So trained staff contributed to implementations and following-ups of the projects which were supported by ministry.                                                                                                

    For farmers, 'Pressurised  Irrigation Systems' and 'Efficient and Productive Systems' trainings are going on. Our organisation has the capacity of  trainings in irrigation technologies (land, irrigation training area, linear move sprinkle irrigation machine, closed and opened systems, dropped irrigation parcels, soil and water laboratory, etc.). Farmers and Ministry's Technical Staff have being trained by these ways.
  4. Hence 2012, within raising implementaions of 10th development plans, for using water cosciously and raising farmers' training and extension activities, 96 farmers have been trained about 'Pressurised Irrigation Systems' and 717 farmers have been trained about 'Efficient and Productive Irrigation Systems'.
  5. Hence 1982, our organisation has the responsibility  'Agricultural Tools and Machines Test Centre'. This centre guides to agricultural tools and machines manufacturers for producing the appropriate ones which suit to purposes and tests them
  6. As a result of being Agricultural Mechanisation Training Centre, since 1977, Maintanance and Use of Tractor, Mechanisation of Livestock, Agriculture Construction Machines (combine harvester, cotton harvester. Pea harvaster, self-propelled silage, carding machine) Operator and Production Technics Courses have been holding.